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Th9 ring base attack strategy

As it help us to win the war. For doing that we need some strong strategy. At first you have to analyse the base design. For example the base given above is a island base. So at first see the positioning of the Air sweeper and then the Air defense and the Clan castle. You have to attack from the top side here because the air sweeper is facing towards the left and right side of the base. Drop a loon near the clan castle to make the clan castle active. If there are troops in the clan castle then you have to take them down by the help of the queen and the poison spell.

After the clan caste troops are gone your main attack starts. You drop 4 loons and 1 lava loon near the elixer storage. The lava loon will go straight to the nearby air defense and then deploy a rage spell covering the lava loon and the loons, after 30 sec deploy the rest two from the other side in the same way as you did last time.

When 1 min 30 sec left in the clock deploy all the troops and heroes. Use the rage to boost the army where you think there are more defenses.

It is easier than la loon attack. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Hii to all of my clashers friend. I know that now cwl is going on and all of the th 10 clashers want a strong and effective base layout for your base.

A good base layout can give you a better performance in cwl and normal clan wars. This blog is totally based on all…. I have answered all this types…. All of who play pubg mobile need UC Unknown cash to buy the royal pass, to open crates and other fun stuff.

Before 2 years pubg mobile has introduced their new feature of prime subscription. There are two types of subscriptions prime and prime plus. The cost of prime subscription is 85 rupees and prime…. Pubg mobile Kr version is only available for the places like japan, Korea and some other places. It is not available on our server like Asia and USA.

In the Kr version of pubg mobile the skins of some upcoming spins and crates comes earlier than the global version. To download this you have to…. A base layout is the perfect coordination of the defense and your storage stuff. It is very important to put all the stuff in the right way. At th11 it is the very beginning of the game, from this stage the game becomes more interesting to the players.

Other Post. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You have to have the barbarian king and archer queen, both at least level 5, in order for this strategy to work. If your queen or king is upgrading then it can still work but is slightly more risky. This will usually 2 star mid to high TH9s if you do it right.Remember Me?

Town Hall 9 Clan Wars Attack Strategy

Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. December 18th, 1. December 20th, 2. Bump much? December 20th, 3. No chance at 3 stars but for 2 stars. Originally Posted by Flashz.

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December 20th, 4. At TH9, there is no such thing as star strategy. At TH8, TH9 three star strategies are completely out of the question except for very new TH9s where you can kill the queen with only your king and then hog it without smart giant bomb placement. December 20th, 5. Evry base is weak for diferent attacks.

It would be easier to post picture of ur opponent base. And i wil help you to plan out 2 or 3 star attack. And post picture of ur profile where is shown ur troop lvls. December 20th, 6. Originally Posted by t2he. December 20th, 7. Hope this helps, and go check out that video I mentioned for more detail.

December 21st, 8. Zapquake the AD. Attack from adjacent side so that the drag may move towards Core But you can see Elight Eight clan only for TH8. They all use GoWiPe.Remember Me?

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Advanced Search. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Best attack strategy in current TH9 meta. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. February 10th, 1.


Best attack strategy in current TH9 meta Used to attack successfully with LaLoons, but now considering to switch my attacks to ground. What are the most cost-efficient and successful ground attacks in current meta? February 10th, 2. I think LaLoon is ubiquitous mainly because of cost, if your gonna switch to ground attacks expect to lose DE even in winning wars!

February 10th, 3. Originally Posted by HeRoy1. Used to attack successfully with LaLoons, but now considering to switch my attacks to ground. February 10th, 4. I usually run some form of hghb. February 10th, 5. Witch slap without a doubt, but it isn't cost effective!! However, it does provide good results and on the right base which to be brutally honest, is most TH9 basesits a 3 star all day. Witches supported by healers around the sides, heroes, usually a golem, and cc bowlers up the middle.

Poison, rage and heal as appropriate. Originally Posted by fette.

th9 ring base attack strategy

February 10th, 6. February 10th, 7. Originally Posted by gazRemember Me? Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: New th9 war attack strategy. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. January 27th, 1. January 28th, 2. You're probably looking at whatever strat you used at TH8, just with more troops and your AQ. Freeze isn't really a spell that I used at TH9.

It doesn't really last long enough at level 1 when there are other spells that can help you better. Jump is a great spell if you can master it. Much better than the 4 quakes to open up walls that I see so often as it takes 2 slots less.

GoWiPe is probably a viable solid 2 star for an early TH9. Witch slap is very strong when you have level 2 witches. It really all depends upon the base you are attacking. Level 6 loons and level 2 hounds is another very solid TH9 attack. TH9 is really the sweet spot for war attacks as there are so many variations and different armies you can use once your troops are upgraded to 3 star your opponent.

Hogs, valks, lavaloon, witches are all viable for a three, base dependant. With only TH8 troops available though, I think you should probably be using either some form of GoWiPe or maybe zapquake and dragons. Originally Posted by fette. January 28th, 3. Post the base maybe. April 6th, 4.

Can you please give names all th 9s strategies. April 7th, 5. Try this 3 star war attack strategies. Last edited by Techlipi; April 7th, at AM. April 7th, 6. I know lot of them but i wont to now the newest strategies. April 7th, 7. Originally Posted by Ljubisa. Great minds think alike,but fools seldom differ. April 7th, 8. There various war attacks stratergies for TH 9.

April 7th, 9. Dear prepare yourself with minimum requirements to 3star a base and when you will fulfil them April 7th, Remember Me? Advanced Search. Results 1 to 4 of 4. Thread: Reliable titans league trophy pushing attack strategy for th9. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. January 27th, 1.

Reliable titans league trophy pushing attack strategy for th9 Hey guys would like to ask some advice from pros in the higher league esp titans or even Legend league. Im a maxed th9 except heroes and Been successful in doing zapquake quadlaloonion from masters to champ 3. But lately as the trophies comes up all i search are tons of th10 with level 3 infernos. Im quite sure that zapquake quadlaloonion wont reach mid and th when set to multi target.

Do you have any attacking strategies that will ensure atleast 2 or 1 star. Been thinking bout mass level 4 drags. Any tip or advice is highly appreciated thanks guys. Originally Posted by RunninRich. January 27th, 2. Army is 4 gols of your own. Spread the gols across the side you hit with the max gol from cc in mid.

A line of wiz behind to clear trash buildings i usually only need 8 to 10 wiz and hold a few back to help snipe.

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Plant a jump to get in 1st layer of walls then heroes and witches to funnel right to it. Rage the wiz witches and heroes to help take down th and inferno. It works on more than just the resource ring type bases but after you get a few under your belt, youll get the hang of it pretty quick. Id try to attack into only 1 inferno if at all possible and especially if its a single target.

The skelys from the witches especially under rage will over run a single target inferno easy!

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Helpful hint.GoWiVa has emerged as an extremely popular and effective three star strategy for Town Hall 9s in clan wars over the past year. This Clash of Clans strategy features golems, wizards, and valkyries doing the main damage as they rip apart fellow TH9s for the three star.

As with every army composition, GoWiVa can vary a lot between specific numbers of troops. Obviously, you must have golem, wizards, and valkyries in as that is the strategy name, but how many should you bring? Here are my counts for a general GoWiVa army, but again it should vary based on the base you are attacking! Generally, you should bring 2 golems, one cooked up in your army and a maxed one sitting in your clan castle.

Also you want to bring a lot of valkyries, at the minimum 12, as they are going to be the main damage dealer within the composition. Other troops like archers, goblins, and barbarians for clean up, should be kept to minimum if you are going for a three star.

As for spells, you want to definitely bring 4 earthquake spells in order to open up a section to funnel your valks. Heal spells are also important as your valkyries are relatively weak. A rage might be smart to bring for the core of the base, just to clear everything out easily.

Now that we have the basis for composition down, lets move on to the attack strategy itself. So the single most common error with valkyrie attacks is to have the valkyries circle around the base. Valkyries are some of the dumbest troops in Clash of Clans, closely behind the archer queen! You need to open up an area in the base that the valks can storm though and not be distracted by those pesky gold mines. Use your 4 earthquake spells to open up a path into the core. The spot where you want to earthquake needs to be connected to the outside of the base, but also be at a maximum of 1 compartment away from the core of the base.

Once you open up a hole, you are clear to send in your golems. In order for your attack to be successful, you need to get all the defenses targeted on the golems in order to avoid damage going to your valkyries. This is especially true for multi-target infernos.

th9 ring base attack strategy

Play your golems off to the side of the opening in the base, so that they can attract as many defenses as possible. Send the other golem off from the other side, so that the two tanks converge in the hole and can start tanking and destroying for you! After your golems have started taking damage, you want to send in your wizards as soon as possible to start creating a funnel.

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Remember, heroes get distracted just as easily as valkyries do. Just remember to not clear the buildings for which you want your heroes to head towards! Once that your wizards have cleared enough buildings, its time to send in your heroes in get deep into the base. Your heroes are more important in this strategy than most others in Clash of Clans, so it is critical that they head towards the center of the base.

Proper placement is key, just make it so they will head toward the closest building behind walls. Make sure to play them right after the heroes, or else the heroes will clear too many buildings and your valks will head around the outside of the base. Drop your valkyries all together in a single spot, that way they can deal damage faster and be together for spells.In the event of the first frame not being completed bets will be void, unless the outcome of the specific market is already determined.

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th9 ring base attack strategy

Where PA statistics are not provided or there is significant evidence that the PA statistics are incorrect, we will use independent evidence to support bet settlement. Bets on a match or qualification are not affected if a team is subsequently disqualified from, or re-instated to, the competition.

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